Parent Testimonials

“Thank you for the wonderful environment you create in the school! The world would be a much better place if all of us better appreciated our differences and looked for ways to learn from them. How lucky that our children have the chance to be part of such a welcoming, inclusive school.”

“Your little blue school has a bigger impact than you probably even know❤️ We are so thankful to have found Ross Bay Preschool!”

“I am constantly amazed by their genuine interest and care they give to our kids on a daily basis.”

“Going to Ross Bay Preschool was my daughter’s first experience of care outside our home. Her experience there was so nurturing and stimulating that the transition to Kindergarten was smooth and exciting. She learned the nature of working and sharing with a large group and how to communicate her needs. I feel grateful for the wonderful care my daughter received from the staff of Ross Bay Preschool.”

“I have to let you know what a pleasure it is to drop our son off knowing he's in such capable hands...and to see Meghan, Chelsea and Kim’s smiling faces...they're busy but so cheerful and just great role models for all the kids. Way to go!”

“This was our son's first preschool experience, and as a parent, I cannot express enough love and gratitude to those involved in helping to mold and influence my son in such a positive and loving atmosphere. Every time he leaves class, he brings home at least one piece of artwork. We have since covered a whole living room wall and I just can't take it down!”

“I cannot believe how easy the transition from a home daycare of 5 children to Ross Bay Preschool actually was!! The transition must have been so easy because of the wonderful people you have taking great care of our children. A HUGE thank you to Meghan and Kim, who have put a smile on my sons face every time he comes to class. You've given us wonderful bedtime stories as well ... he's taken to telling me the stories of his preschool days at bedtime ;) Thank you for getting to know him and giving him so much love! Ross Bay is not a daycare or a preschool, it is a family and I thank you for making us part of it.”

“Our daughter has been extremely happy going to Ross Bay, she absolutely loves it…she even misses it on the weekends! Meghan and Kim are fabulous teachers. They are wonderful with the children and with the parents as well. One of the things I like most about them is that they are always open to feedback and suggestions. The program is not static, it’s always changing, growing and improving because the teachers have good insight to the needs of their little students and are able foresee the outcomes of implementing productive change. Meghan and Kim have fostered an environment of genuine care and respect for the children, you can tell they love what they do and it shows in the smiles of the kids they teach! I cannot say enough good things about them and in so doing the school as well.”

“You could not ask for a better owner than Kim. She listens to all suggestions and concerns and there is a real sense of community involved around Ross Bay Preschool. I just want to thank Meghan, Bridgette and Kim for making our first time away from our child a positive experience. Our son loves circle time and I like that I am able to stay to watch if I want. Keep up the good work!”

“My husband, myself and our nannies have been very impressed with your program. It is extremely well organized, engaging, educational, stimulating, decorated very nicely and all of this is done with an exceptional amount of care and sensitivity. It feels so good knowing you guys are facilitating in the growth and development of our child. You have done an awesome job!”

“You have such wonderful ideas for the fun things the kids could do/experience. Our daughter loves them all and she loved your preschool! Thank-you for creating such an amazing place!”

“My husband and I have enjoyed hearing all the interesting facts about volcanoes and dinosaurs this week. I think that the curriculum that you all are teaching the children is really wonderful. Thanks so much.”

“Our daughter will be sad to say goodbye when the school year comes to an end. She truly has a great time with you. Thank you!”

“I have already thanked you for being such a lovely teacher, but I also wanted to say how much I’ve enjoyed interacting with you as the preschool director. I have really valued all of your many communications letting parents know what is happening as well as all of the organizing of the family outings and the amazing field trips. All of your support and encouragement in our many talks about kindergarten have meant a great deal to me.”

“Many thanks to you both for providing our child with a happy, positive, nurturing learning environment for the last year and a half. He loved pre-school and was always keen to attend - a testament to you both.”

“I just want to say that our son has thoroughly enjoyed his month at the preschool. He says it is his favorite place to be and asks on a daily basis if it is a preschool day. This has brought great relief for my husband and I after seeing him be so upset about going to the other preschool and now he is so excited and loves to talk about what he did at school and about the friends he has made.”

“A BIG THANK YOU TO KIM, CHELSEA AND JESSICA!! I can't imagine our lives without Ross Bay Preschool! Thank you for everything this year. He is so happy at pre-school - I can't say enough how much it means to me how you three enrich his life and care for him so much.”

“A great team of teachers, all of them very warm and caring people. A place for little souls to grow. Thank-you to Kim for her dedication to make this such a great preschool.”

“Our daughter absolutely LOVES her teachers, friends, and activities and will be very sad to leave Ross Bay Preschool - hopefully kindergarten will be able to fill the hole. Thank you for providing such a positive, caring environment!”

“Thank you for your Kindness Curriculum...what a wonderful initiative! The world needs more generous and compassionate people and it's so heartening to know you are developing this early at Ross Bay.”

“I am glad that you have gotten to know my daughters - they really love the preschool - thank you for running such an excellent place. I feel so good knowing that they are there.”